Committee Members

Alex Vagliviello

Principal of Charles Alexander Financial Services, Alex Vagliviello has been appointed a Committee member of the UFAA.

A spokesperson of The Founding Committee said: “We welcome Alex on board. He will be a great asset to the Association with his knowledge of many aspects of the financial services industry in Australia.

“Like all other Committee members, Alex is committed to helping preserve the credibility of Advisers nationally – and he is particularly passionate about helping us in our quest to establish a forum to promote advocacy and provide clear understanding to our policy-makers that individual practice business operators are fundamental to a sustainable financial services industry.”

Vagliviello, who joined the UFAA Committee in January, said he was honoured to be a part of the UFAA and was looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

“I have a clear understanding of the turmoil the industry finds itself in and would say that with the knowledge I have gained with over the past 30 years places me in a strong position to clearly articulate our collective concerns and views to remedy some of the misunderstandings that prevail in the community,” he said.

Melinda Houghton

Melinda Houghton is an award winning financial planner who has been in financial services for over 20 years.  Melinda has been a financial planner since 2005, and has also worked in banking and management roles  Melinda specialises in providing realistic, tailored advice to everyday people.  The product’ she provides is Financial Relaxation.

Member Representatives

Kellie Lam

Kellie Lam is the founder and CEO of Abacus Finance and Property.

Kellie has received Connective’s 12 Year Industry Achievement Award in 2018, with over 15 years experience in lending and real estate investment in both locally and internationally. Kellie has been recognised as one of the top 100 Australian Brokers four years in a row by the MPA Magazine, and awarded “The Best Mortgage Broker” of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia in 2014.

Kellie has been featured in the Sydney Morning Herald and local publications, she prefers to stay out of the lime light whilst balancing her work and family life.

Having built her mortgage business over the past 18 years, she is a strong advocate for the Mortgage Industry. Kellie believes finance should be easy and accessible, as every Australian deserves to have a roof that they own over their heads.

  • Obtained the Australian Credit Industry License in 2010
  • Diploma in Financial Services Industry (Financial/Mortgage Business) in 2010
  • Received a professional certificate in risk management in 2009
  • Received a Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate) in 2009
  • Abacus Finance became a member of the Australian Credit Supervisory Services Association (CIO) in 2005
  • Become a member of the Australian Mortgage & Finance Association (MFAA) in 2001

Paul Martin

25 years as a professional consulting in complex services. Own training company for 10 years training consultants, sales people and managers across a range of industries including education, travel, finance, recruitment, and IT.

Working in the mortgage broking and insurance industry since 2012 initially as an aggregator BDM, then as a broker / adviser running a loan book, life insurance book as well as training general advice planners in Life Insurance Products and RG146