Aims & Objectives

The United Financial Advisers Association (UFAA) is a group of advisers, business owners and industry leaders that are passionate about providing (and improving) and ensuring all Australians have access to quality, compliant and affordable Financial and Mortgage Advice.

UFAA Objectives

  • Improve the Quality of Advice to consumers
  • Ensure consumers continue to have Choice when choosing an adviser
  • Ensure that competition stays in place so consumers continue to get access to the most appropriate & competitively priced products
  • Improve the quality standards of the industry
  • Ensure all Australians have access to affordable products and advice

The UFAA, having all first-hand dealt with consumer and the already difficult and costly process of providing advice to Australians strongly believes that the current changes being pushed through by Government will severely compromise the objectives above and will lead to far worse consumer outcomes for all Australians.

With time running out, it is imperative for our members of parliament to pause and carefully review the real and dramatic impact the current proposals will have.

Properly considered reforms could create significant improvements in confidence and outcomes for Australian consumers and the broader economy. The proposals, in their current form, cannot.

As such, as an industry we need to take a United Stand, and this can be done by registering your details now.

If you don’t believe the current reforms will benefit consumers, improve quality of advice and choice for all Australians – STAND WITH UFAA AND REGISTER YOUR DETAILS NOW!!

This will enable us to harness a collective approach to our political leaders and consciously represent our existing customers and those who we wish to serve into the future.

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