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Why is it that the questions on every advisers lips are not being asked?

Why are qualifications that have been gained over some 10 to 15 years not fully recognised under FASEA?

What more can an Adviser who has been practicising 15 years or more and attained relevant education learn?

Why is education more relevant than experience when diploma's, accreditations, certifications and professional development have already been completed?

If  I am being asked to further my education as a requirement to maintaining my staus as an Adviser, whilst at same time being committed to investing up to $30,000 to secure my future employment - why do I need to sit the FASEA exam today?

Is the FASEA Exam the same as going to summer school and gaining an entrance grade to my new degree? Or is simply another money grabbing exercse?


All Advisers are seeking, is an opportunity to ask these questions and receive and informed response.

As Advisers, like you, we asked the most critical question. Where were our representative bodies when they were needed most?

Unlike our current Government recognised Association bodies, we at the UFAA are prepared to ask these questions on your behalf.

We want these policymakers to provide us with the explanation we all seek.

Policy and regulation have serious consequences. A policy or regulation based on political ideology or favouritism towards interests is not only destructive to an individual but also to an economy.

We cannot allow bad policy or regulation to go unchecked without accountability to the most important persons of all. You and your clients.

So, armed with the best interest of our clients, we will publicly question policymakers regardless of political persuasion.

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