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Lobbying is trying to persuade someone in government to create legislation, conduct an activity that will help a particular organisation or support a particular policy or campaign. However, lobbying is more than persuading legislators. Lobbyists carry out research, attend committee hearings and educate government officials and corporate officers on critical matters. Lobbyists also try to change public opinion via advertising campaigns or by influencing other influencers.

Lobbying can be done in person, by sending letters and emails or via social media. Anyone who petitions the government or contacts a member of Parliament to voice an opinion is acting as a lobbyist, and it can be done on a volunteer or professional basis.


It is only by the weight of numbers that we can give each and every adviser a chance to have their voices heard as one. We believe that the concerns of advisers have been drowned-out for too long.

For too long we have been made the scape-goats for the failings of the larger industry players and have been tainted by their brazen and un-ethical actions.

We want to work alongside like-minded existing adviser associations who share our views and understand the current plight effecting all advisers across Australia.

The UFAA will be 100% focussed on lobbying politicians and the media, advocating the concerns of advisers, and seeking better outcomes for consumers.

We want your individual voices heard and the only way that can happen is by getting behind an Association that speaks as ONE UNITED VOICE!

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