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The United Financial Advisers Association is leading the way in representing and standing up for the rights of self-employed business owners who operate in the financial services sector, their employees and their clients.

There are approximately 23,000 registered advisers located all over Australia directly employing some 35,000+ employees serving an approximate 8,000,000 working Australians as clients.

Our members share common values – a commitment to decency, fairness and respect for the services they provide.

We support hundreds of members building their career in the financial services sector – in banks, the financial planning sector, the life assurance sector and specialist support firms.

We are the collective voice of advisers in some of the leading financial institutions across Australia. Built on a network of locally elected representatives, we pride ourselves on being our members’ voice in negotiations with Government, Agencies and legislators on critical issues such as remuneration, education and  compliance.

We  work with you to  collectively ensure better outcomes for members on important issues such as FASEA, AFCA and ASIC regulations.

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