UFAA Terms and Conditions


(UFAA Limited)

ABN 72 638 220 149


These are UFAA Limited’s standard terms and conditions which will apply to you upon UFAA Limited accepting your application to become a fully paid member of the UFAA LIMITED.


  1. This agreement is to commence on the day that you, or your identified business name or Company, first appears as a member of UFAA Limited upon payment of the member fee and shall continue for a period of twelve months unless earlier terminated as provided for herein. Each renewal shall occur by the 30th June of the financial year.

  2. You acknowledge and agree that your statements and representations to UFAA Limited in your application to become a member form part of this agreement.

  3. You acknowledge and agree that you have no interest in or any claim to any intellectual property of UFAA Limited associated with the conduct or operation of the website including without limitation the goodwill or interest in the name UFAA Limited, source code that operates the website, trade mark/s of UFAA Limited any copyright interest in articles/ journal or written contributions that may be published on the website whether written/ contributed by you or others.

  4. You agree that your rights to become and to continue to be a member are strictly conditional upon you: –

    (a) continuing to be a current and paid up member of your professional body, as identified and set out by you in your application to become a member of UFAA Limited.(b) at all times meeting all of your obligations  under all Parliamentary Acts and Regulations that are applicable to your profession and which shall include any code/s of conduct that are set down by your professional body whether pursuant to regulation or otherwise. This includes the Corporations Act, The Anti Money Laundering Act, Privacy Act, the Financial Advisers Standards Education Authority, The Tax Agents Act and all amendments to same.
    (c) being solvent and being able to pay your debts as and when they fall due. 
    (d) not being found guilty of any criminal offence.
    (e) continuing to be of sound mind.
    (f) providing quality professional services to those clients that are or currently in your care or referred to you by UFAA Limited
    (g) not being the subject of a complaint to UFAA Limited or to your professional body or any regulator by any person referred to you by any member of the public that is upheld and substantiated at law.
    (h) not conducting yourself in private life which in the opinion of UFAA Limited may bring UFAA Limited into disrepute.

  5. You shall provide on request any evidence that may be required by UFAA Limited to prove that you have satisfied your obligations as set out in condition 4 above.

  6. You acknowledge that UFAA Limited do not provide any advice or opinions to any person that may be referred to you during the course of this agreement and that you are solely liable for the advice and professional services provided by you to that person. You acknowledge that at no time is that person who is referred to you a client of UFAA Limited. You further agree to indemnify UFAA Limited for and against any losses that should arise or occur to UFAA Limited arising out of any claims made by any person referred to you and which relate to the services provided by you.

  7. If any of the 4(a),(b),(c),(d) or (e) are at any time breached, this agreement shall be terminated forthwith, and  or that your name, your business name or Company) withdrawn from association with the UFAA Limited and you shall forfeit the whole of the member fee paid and be required to pay  the balance due at that time of any part of the member fee that remains unpaid.

  8. If you are a Company, then each of the directors of the Company shall guarantee all your obligations under these terms and conditions. The guarantee/s shall be executed by the directors in the form set out below -marked Guarantee – and delivered to UFAA Limited at or prior to the commencement of the agreement. If the guarantee is not so executed and delivered prior to commencement, then you will be in breach of these conditions and UFAA Limited shall be entitled to withdraw your membership at any time. If only one director signs, rather than two – where there are two, – it will be no defense to the validity of the guarantee signed below if the other director has not signed.

    1. If you are a Company UFAA Limited, this agreement is terminated if. 
    2. you enter a deed of arrangement or an order is made for you to be wound up or you become insolvent:
    3. if a receiver or receiver/manager is appointed.
    4. if you are placed under official management.

  9. This agreement to be a member may be extended at the sole discretion of UFAA Limited for a further period of twelve months upon completion by you of a then current Application to Renew form and payment of the member fee then applicable. Any renewal Application may be rejected for any reason by UFAA Limited and any payment returned without providing any explanation whatsoever.

  10. These terms and conditions shall be construed and take effect in accordance with the laws of New South Wales (NSW)