UFAA Membership - means working for advisers, the viability of our industry and for consumers


The UFAA is an independent association. It is not conflicted or beholden to any institution, representative body or financial supporter. By joining, you are combining with other like-minded advisers across Australia who say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. It is only through growth in membership that we can build momentum and grow the numbers required to gain political leverage and effect change in Canberra.

To become a Member simply Choose and Click a Category below.

Membership Categories

Our Membership Categories are designed to allow access to as many people who wish to be involved in the crusade that the UFAA has taken on.

The legislative changes already made and those currently being proposed by Government have far reaching consequences.

By you getting onboard and joining the UFAA only then will we be able to send a direct message to those that need to hear it!

$540 (inc GST) annually or $45.00 monthly

An experienced adviser with more than three years practicing advice
  • Can participate in our Industry Discussion Committee
  • Participate in UFAA awards
  • Voting rights at the UFAA AGM
  • Eligible for a role on the UFAA Management Committee
  • Receive newsletters, flyers and publications direct to your inbox
  • Receive discounted rates and priority access to workshops and seminars
  • Opportunities to participate in forums and discussions around issues to do with financial services
  • Access to Resources / Information Skills / Education opportunities to increase your confidence in advocating for yourself, family members and friends
  • Access to service negotiation and one to one support.  Where necessary referral to another advocacy or other relevant agency
  • Assistance with administration and marketing for support groups hosting events and activities
  • Connection to a wider network of individuals, support organisations, product providers, government departments and agencies to share information or gather support

  • Individual

    10000$45.00 for 1 month

Affiliate Membership to UFAA is offered at no cost and with no-obligation Affiliate Membership is open to anyone with a professional or personal interest in financial services, such as active consumer groups, corporate managers, compliance staff, back-office support staff, clients of financial advisers, paraplanners, and students amongst others. However, we ask that you consider making a small financial Donation to assist us in running our operations.   As an Affiliate Member you receive:
  • Newsletters, flyers, and publications direct to your inbox
  • Opportunities to participate in forums and discussions
  • Access to Resources / Information Skills / Education opportunities
  • Access to service negotiation and one to one support
  • Assistance with administration and marketing for support groups and hosting events

$1,500 (plus GST) annually

Non-practicing members who meet the requirements for registration set by the Tax Practitioners Board (TPB). Individual Advisers who are also registered as Corporate Authorised Representatives may apply for Corporate Membership. Membership covers a minimum of three (3) Individual Authorised Representatives.

Benefits of Corporate Membership

Build your member brand

Be listed in the Corporate Members directory on the UFAA website as a Corporate Member. Declare your membership and ethical standards for all to see. Improve your reputation in the marketplace through your entitlement to use the UFAA Member logo on your promotional and business collateral.

Advocacy and media

UFAA advocacy and media represent Members by highlighting and solving industry and collective member problems by putting them on the agenda, confirming policy, recommending solutions and building support for action on both the problems and solutions.

Attend keystone events

The UFAA Winter Ball is an evening of networking with colleagues and friends, celebration and the announcement of the UFAA Awards winners.  The UFAA International Conference brings together an outstanding program to develop your managers and leadership team, provides the opportunity to network with peers, refresh your thinking and re-energise staff.

Join Specialist Member/Working Groups

Join specialist groups or working groups in areas such as FASEA, AFCA, ASIC Legislation, Parliamentary Relations, and the upcoming LIF Review.

$199 (inc GST)  Special Introductory Offer

AS “INTRODUCTORY OFFER” WE ARE MAKING AVAILABLE A FOUNDING MEMBER CATEGORY. THIS OFFER IS OPEN UNTIL SEPTEMBER 30, 2020.   (Is offered as a once off discount. Membership Fee valid for 12 months).   Should you require further information we ask that you contact Membership Services.  



A strong and united membership means we have a forceful, clear and legitimate voice to speak to politicians, bureaucrats, media and the public.

Our strength lies in our numbers and in our independence. We are and will never be beholden to any big financial institutions, or any organisation that can determine our policies, stifle our advocacy or decide who we will speak to and what we will say.  We are independent.

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