The UFAA has been established by financial advisers for financial advisers.

Now more than ever financial advisers need a truly independent advocate working 100% on their behalf to bring some justice and equity to the regulatory nightmare that has engulfed our businesses and industry.

The UFAA is a Company (limited by guarantee) and is based in New South Wales.

Administratively we are comprised of qualified financial, legal and accounting personnel, all of whom work in the financial advisory sector. Similarly is our Board of Directors.

The UFAA is first and foremost about protecting the jobs and business of advisers around Australia. We are your advocates. Your voice must be heard loud and clear by politicians, the media and the public. There are no sweetheart industry deals, no compromising sponsorships. Just honest, frank and unrelenting advocacy on behalf of independent financial advisers.

We’ve been on the go for some time now. Over the last year we have met with numerous Ministers and MPs to put our case as forcefully as possible. We’ve also made submissions to the government on recognition of prior learning, recognition of experience based on years of working in the industry, the role of commissions as a form of legitimate remuneration and the detrimental effect of the LIF proposals post 2017. And we’ve been featured in industry media – but it’s only the start.

The UFAA is not about ‘draining the swamp’, joining the Canberra bubble, or backing one political ideology over another. We are, and always will be, about the interests of our members, our industry and consumers.

Numbers count when it comes to dealing with politicians. We need you to join the UFAA. Canberra needs to hear and keep hearing the real story loud and clear from real independent advisers and business owners like you.

Our Vision

The United Financial Advisers Association protects and promotes the ethos that our members share as common values – a commitment to decency, fairness and respect for the services they provide and the essential role they play as professional advisers.


Our Mission

The mission of the United Financial Advisers Association is to advocate for a positive legislative and regulatory environment, enhancement of business and professional skills, and the promotion of ethical conduct by our members.