The foundation members of the LICG are forming a new association:
The United Financial Advisers Association (UFAA).

Join the UFAA Now

The LICG was formed by volunteers in the face of FOFA and LIF. Within weeks the LICG had over 3,000 registered members and a total of 6,000 Advisers on the mailing list; which highlights the need for action in our industry.  The LICG lobbied at every level, met with Politicians and coordinated thousands of letters and emails to Local Members. The LICG impacted on policy and played a major part in delaying the implementation of the LIF by 18 months. We made sound and solid submissions to Parliamentary Joint Committees, Senate Committees, ASIC/APRA reviews, until everything was put on hold pending the Royal Commission.

We gained a wealth of experience in lobbying Government and the number one lesson we learnt was that no matter how strong your argument or how convincing your evidence and research, the Politicians and the Media will not give you serious consideration unless you are a formal Representative Association with a united membership.

So we have formed the United Financial Advisers Association (UFAA) and we want you to join. It is only by weight of numbers that we can give each and every adviser a chance to have their voices heard as one. We believe that the concerns of advisers have been drowned-out by the large industry players and the whole industry has clearly been tainted by the behaviour of these same large players.

We want to work alongside the existing adviser associations; who have each indicated their focus on the maintenance of professional standards, education and codes of conduct. The UFAA on the other hand will be 100% focussed on lobbying politicians and the media, advocating the concerns of advisers and seeking better outcomes for consumers.

We want your voices heard and Advisers need a united Voice.

Your UFAA will operate direct to you online. We will ask all advisers to send us their list of concerns and recommendations. We will then electronically circulate the list to all advisers. You will be asked to respond online and vote on the direction you want UFAA to take. Your UFAA will then take your concerns and recommendations directly to the Policy makers, advocating on your behalf as long and as hard as necessary to achieve a fair result. You will be involved in real time, every time!

To find out how to join UFAA please click on the following link:

Join the UFAA Now

We will be sending more information to you about the UFAA over the next several days. None of us can improve our industry on our own and we can’t rely on any one else to fix this mess that we were handed.

If you want the chance to have any say in your future, simply add your name to the UFAA, help us get the weight of numbers we need and get involved in shaping your future.