The time has come for the Government to admit the wrong it has done!

The uncaring and arrogant attitude shown by the Treasurer and the Assistant Minister for Superannuation, Financial Services and Financial technology has decimated the livelihoods of 1,000's of honest hardworking advisers across Australia.

"The current relentless regulatory environment, and feelings of helplessness and victimisation for financial advisers is destroying self esteem, self confidence and sense of purpose and future." IFA News Online, 29/09/2020

“The human side of this appears to be inconsequential to those who push forward for even further change and disruption often without assessing the real benefits and value to the end user and the provision of the advice process." IFA News Online, 29/09/2020

"Financial Advisers have been relentlessly kicked to death by politics, the regulator and the mainstream media for the last decade and advisers have endured and pushed forward because they know what they do is important and valuable." IFA News Online, 29/09/2020